Dundee West End Community Fridge

Where is it?  Miller’s Wynd Car Park, Perth Road, DD1 4HY (beside Tartan Cafe)

When are we open?   Tuesday to Saturday, 11am-2pm

Who can visit?  Importantly, the Community Fridge is for  ABSOLUTELY ANYONE.  It is FREE for anyone to use and you don't need to be referred, just turn up each day and see what we have on offer. It varies day to day, there might not be very much one day and the next day there might be literal tonnes! For regular updates about what we have in stock, follow the dedicated Facebook group  here .

Interested in becoming a supporter?  We think it's important that the Community Fridge remains free at the point of use, but we do have a lot of running costs, including a part time staff member, volunteer expenses, energy bills, rent for the land and maintenance costs. If you would like to become a Community Fridge Supporter - please check out our   online giving page

What is it about? Food waste accounts for around 8% global greenhouse gas emissions, so we decided to do our bit locally to save as much food from going to waste as we can, from supermarkets, businesses and individuals. Since opening in July 2019 we have redistributed over 170 tonnes (that's 170,000kg or approximately 380,000 meals!) of perfectly good food that would have otherwise gone in the bin. As well as saving food waste, Community Fridges help people connect to their community, access nutritious food, save money, learn about cooking and food safety, and learn about the impact of waste on climate change. It also provides dignified access to food for those who really need it, because it is open to EVERYONE. We are part of the UK-wide Community Fridge Network run by Hubbub - for more information  on that click here.

Can I donate? Yes, but we have  to follow strict health and safety rules. Please do not leave food outside when we aren't open - our seagull friends like to investigate the bags! We can accept:

Individual households: Fruit and veg (as long as it hasn't been cut/prepared/cooked), long-life and unopened foods such as pasta, cereal and tins that are no more than 6 months past their BEST BEFORE date.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept any items with a USE-BY date from individuals as they are high-risk.

Food Businesses/projects: We can accept almost anything, p lease get in touch at hello@transitiondundee.com for more information.

***We can never accept anything that is past the USE-BY date (please note, BEST-BEFORE is ok) or that has been made in a home kitchen***

Can I volunteer?  To join our fab team of volunteers, check out our  volunteering opportunities