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The 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are good to know, but we need more.


Rethink your choices

Refuse single use items

Refurbish old stuff

Repair before you replace

Repurpose, be creative




Better, but now we’ve got to thinking about it, that Re could be used so much more in our quest to lower our carbon footprint.


 We really should review and revise our responsibilities and restrain from using up the Earth’s resources.  Let’s respect our planet, marvel at its proven resilience, but reflect on the repercussions of our recklessness.  We have taken its reliability for granted and have relentlessly behaved in a, frankly, repulsive manner.



Researchers have reported for decades that we need to reverse the trends, however reluctant we may be to reject our current lifestyle.  We need to stop relying on others, stop listening to the regurgitated rehashes of old promises and remind ourselves that it is up to us to reset the dial and rectify the situation NOW.


Let’s get out of our reverie and regain what we have so nearly lost.  We can repair our world and retrieve our future, allowing our atmosphere to return to its role in regulating the very air that restores us with each breath,


If we act now, we can relieve future generations of the need to reconstruct their whole way of life.  This is not the time for regrets and remorse, but it is the time to recognise our record and respond accordingly.



We recommend we all recall our recent behaviour and reconsider our ways.  We should all resolve to relegate bad habits to the past and commit to regularly reforming our lifestyle.

Refrain from plundering natural resources, replenish what we have already taken, pledge to stick to renewables, rescue people from their recurring nightmares, recruit our relatives, colleagues and neighbours in the fight.

Remove the barriers that prevent everyone from playing their part, resurrect our communities, rebuild our towns, reshuffle our priorities, stop being reticent to question those in authority, rephrase our demands where necessary, stop requesting change and start insisting on it, start a rebellion, however small.



Our reward? A happier, healthier, more sustainable place to live.  How refreshing!  We’ll all rejoice when that day comes.


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