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Seeing Things Differently

Our weekend away started with a three-hour journey.

The train was on time, it wasn’t too busy, we were sitting by the window, just the ideal way to travel.

BUT, twice during that journey a member of staff came through the carriage with a bin liner collecting any rubbish.

Was this

  1. An excellent way of keeping the train litter free, or

  2. A horrific display of the amount of rubbish generated

The clear bag allowed us to see how many disposable cups and drinks cans were in it. There were so many!

There were nine carriages on that train so we got to wondering how many bags of rubbish were taken off the train at the end of its journey.

Then, how many train journeys there were on that route that day .......

Then, how many other trains were travelling on different routes ........

Which led, of course, to how many recyclable items are binned by the train companies every day........

We couldn’t go on to think much more because by now our head was starting to hurt and our heart was sinking with each new thought.

But later that day, we got to considering how much of a difference it would make if every traveller had their own re-useable cup, or took their empty can off the train and put it in a recycling bin.

So – good to collect all the potential litter, or bad to send it all to landfill? And what’s our part in all this?

Those are the questions for today.


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