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Turn it on its Head



In an age where we are constantly urged to buy, buy, buy, we need to have strategies to help us not to give in to the pressure.



Of course, we know that rampant consumerism is really, really bad for the planet and for our financial and emotional wellbeing, but we also know some of the tricks to avoid it.

·        Do you need it or do you want it?

·        Will you actually wear it/use it?

·        Do you already own something very similar?


We’ve got another one.

·        Sell before you buy

It’s the opposite of the one-in, one-out policy that has always served us rather well.  If we buy something new, we must donate something we already own to a charity.  With this, it’s one-out before one-in.


Not only does this stop our house becoming increasingly cluttered, it also saves us money.  So, say you need a new chair …..

1.      Look at your possessions and decide what you really don’t need any more

2.      Sell it, either online or at a car boot sale

3.      Bank the money you make


If you made enough to pay for the new chair, go ahead and buy it.  If you didn’t, go back to step 1 and continue until you have the asking price.

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May 09

Definitely a great idea, never thought of that before.

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