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Who's Taking the P...

Who would have thought that taking away the letter P from the beginning of the word could make such a difference?

We’d be quite p-irate if we couldn’t p-reach the p-ledge because some had p-raised it. Just a p-inch.

At our p-age we don’t have p-oodles of time.

Right now you are either thinking, hey, they like words as much as I do and you’re joining in.

Or you’re wondering what on earth we are on about.

Well, we like words a p-lot, we think they are p-ace and you can like it or p-lump it. P-ouch, that was a bit p-rude, please don’t think we are being a p-ass. We don’t want to start a p-row.

What do you want, then, you ask. Why not get to the point – oh, that p-word doesn’t work.

P-eek, we can’t stop. Surely the p-ending is in sight?

P-lucky for you, we have got other work to be getting on with, so time to stop the word games. Enough hot p-air from us!

All this has just been a way for us to remind you that a great way to reduce the amount of things manufactured, shipped, sold, used briefly then thrown away is to turn

pre-loved into re-loved

Yes, it was that simple observation that led to p-all this.


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