The Wardrobe

Where Is It?   

Our shop is located at The Wardrobe, 112 Nethergate, Dundee, DD1 4EH

When is it open?  
Wednesday - Saturday 11-5pm

What Is It? 

The Wardrobe aims to encourage more people to REUSEREPAIR & SHARE clothes (and everything!). We sell good quality second-hand adults clothing and accessories as well as new and used books. We have a Free Section where each customer can take up to 3  free items per visit as we want The Wardrobe to be accessible to everyone.

We also hold workshops around repairing and upcycling clothing, giving our community the confidence and abilities to mend and prolong the life of their clothes.



‘Fast Fashion’ is one of the top problems driving the climate & ecological crisis and we can all do our bit to cut down - like using second-hand clothes! It's cheaper, better for the planet and a really fun challenge. Who gets a buzz out of buying new clothes?? We guarantee you get more of a buzz when you find a second-hand gem for just pennies. 

Can I Donate Clothing? 

 Donate clothing