April 2023 Newsletter

We’re into spring now, and that makes us think of gardening.  And when we think of gardening, we don’t only mean the conventional garden.  You maybe do your gardening in pots on the window sill or the door step.


There’s great satisfaction to be had in just one pot of salad leaves, or one pot of flowers.


We have a tarmacked area at the back of the Wardrobe which is quite sheltered, so last week we planted some seeds into containers there.  A mixture of flowers and vegetables.


We hardly need to tell you that gardening is good for the environment.  Growing our own vegetables is a great way to reduce the food miles, as well as providing the freshest taste.


Gardening is also great for bio-diversity.





What did you think when you heard David Attenborough’s startling comment in his current TV series, Wild Isles, that 60% of our flying insects have vanished in the past twenty years?  Quite a sobering statistic, and another reason to get into the garden.


Fashions come and go in the gardening world, just like any other, and now we are moving away from the manicured lawn and serried rows of annuals.  It’s not good for bio diversity and, we suggest, not good for our souls.  For every one person who takes immense satisfaction from everything in the garden being just so, there are dozens who feel the tyranny and never-ending pressure of trying to tame nature.


Far better to work within the natural order and let your garden be a little bit unorderly.  Spend more time enjoying you patch of the outdoors and less time obsessing about all the work involved.


Top tips to make your garden more inviting to wildlife?



·       Feed the birds

·       Add a water feature – it could be as simple as an old basin regularly re-filled

·       Don’t cut down dead plants too quickly – they provide seedheads for birds to eat and shelter for small mammals and insects

·       Not too much weeding – nettles are a great food source and dandelions provide pollen and nectar for the bees before other flowers start to bloom

·       Avoid using chemicals whenever possible

·       Create a hedgehog highway – we love this!  Hedgehogs roam up to 2 km every night to find food, mates and suitable places to nest.  A small gap in your fence or wall at ground level will allow them to access your garden.  It will also link your garden to neighbouring habitats



Remember, if we all make a couple of small, simple changes, the collective impact is huge.


Speaking of changes, would you like to learn something new?








TransitionKnit : every Wednesday morning

9.30 – 10.30 am

The Wardrobe, 112 Nethergate, Dundee*

Our informal knitting group is open to everyone, whether you are a complete beginner or have been knitting for more years than you care to remember



Threads on Thursday : every Thursday afternoon

12 – 2 pm

Our drop-in sewing group, also open to everyone.  Come along if you would like to learn to sew, if you need any help or if you would just like to sew in the company of like-minded people




Make a French Pie Carrier : Wednesday 5th April

6 – 8 pm

These pie carriers are just the best way to carry your home-made goodies to the gathering

If you’re not entirely sure what it is, please pop in to the Wardrobe and we can show you one

Book your place here



Make a Cross Body Bag Workshop : Saturday 15th April

2 –  4 pm

Join us to make a bag that you can take absolutely anywhere

Book your place here



Screen Printing Workshop : Thursdays 20th and 27th April

5.30 -  – 8 pm

Learn the basics of screen printing in week one, then use your print to make a bag in week 2

Book your place here



Energy Saving Workshop :  Friday 21st April

10 – 11 am

One of Home Energy Scotland's Community Partnerships Officers will give us free, impartial advice on saving energy, keeping warm at home, renewable energy, and more.

This is a free workshop, but you still need to book a place here



Energy Saving Workshop :  Saturday 22nd April

10 – 11 am

 In case Friday is not convenient for you, we are running this free workshop on Saturday too.

Book a place here



Embroidery Masterclass : Saturday 22nd April

10 am – 3 pm

A real treat for anyone who is interested in embroidery

Come and learn more about the Needlework Development Scheme and take inspiration from some of its pieces to create your own masterpiece.

Book your place here




      * All our events are held at The Wardrobe, 112 Nethergate, Dundee unless stated otherwise

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