Are you carbon literate?
Not sure?  Read on .....

Carbon literacy is at the heart of all we do.  But what does that actually mean?  How do you know if you are carbon literate?

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Carbon literacy can be described as an awareness of climate change and the impacts of our everyday actions, and the motivation to reduce emissions on an individual, community and organisational level.

We suspect that simply by reading this you are interested in taking steps towards becoming carbon literate.  You may be well on your way, or you may just be starting this journey - whatever stage you are at, we are glad you are travelling along with us.

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The aim of our project is to help people to reduce their carbon footprint (your carbon footprint is the overall carbon emissions resulting from your actions).  If you have engaged with us at all, whether you have visited our community fridge, popped into the Wardrobe to buy something or to drop off a donation, or you  have  come to one of our workshops, you have begun to reduce your carbon footprint and can say that you are on some level "carbon literate".

To continue on your journey you might like to keep these phrases in mind:

  • Do it Less

  • Do it Differently

Ah, but does Doing it Less mean you have to sacrifice comfort?  Will your life become more difficult?

Absolutely not!

It really just means changing our behaviour and habits.

And not only will you be helping to combat climate change you will also

  • become more healthy if you reduce your car use and change your diet

  • save money if you stop wasting energy and resources

  • give you social life a boost if you join groups of life-minded people

What about Doing it Differently?

That just means taking an alternative approach

  • reduce your food waste by using leftovers, or growing your own food

  • reduce your car use through better journey planning

  • switch to a green energy provider

  • buy less

Why not commit to one or two small changes right now?  Once you begin to think in a "carbon literate" way you will never look back.  And if everyone makes just one or two changes, that will amount to a massive change in our city and our country.

We will continue to encourage and support you through our blogs and social media posts.

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More People  = More Carbon Emissions
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