Decisions, decisions .....
What will we wear today?



What fun we had last week when Edith Adam ran our Colours and Style workshop.


Edith is so entertaining and had us all in stitches even as she insulted what we were wearing.  Her facial expressions  and withering looks alone were worth turning up for. 



The beauty of holding such an event at the Wardrobe was that after she had told us what we should definitely NOT be wearing (very often what we actually had on at that very moment!), Edith flew around the shop picking up more suitable garments and, my goodness, she was right.  Everyone was amazed when they saw the improvement in the mirror.


Let’s be honest – we all want to look our best.  And when we look our best, we feel our best.  We feel confident to go out and take on the world!

You are maybe thinking that a Colours and Style workshop sounds rather frivolous and wondering how we could imagine it could be spun as an event to encourage sustainability.  Fair point.  If all the participants had gone home, emptied their wardrobes and were now in the process of buying everything in the colours suggested by Edith that would, of course, be giving out entirely the wrong message.

However, what if all the participants now knew what colours and styles suited them best and used that knowledge to avoid costly mistakes.  You know the kind of thing – you were so excited when you bought it but  it has hung in the wardrobe unloved and unworn for far too long