More People  = More Carbon Emissions
We can all agree on that


More people = More Carbon Emissions

Since 1976 the world population has risen from 3 billion to 8 billion – that’s a big, big increase in just over 40 years.

When the United Nations climate report was published in August 2021, the Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, called it a “code red for humanity”.  The damning report highlighted the undeniable impact humans were having upon our planet and warned of the catastrophic consequences.

Goodness me, getting that reminder should spur us all into action.


Are you ready to think about what you can do?

You are almost certainly doing quite a lot already – just by reading our blog you are keeping up-to-date and are clearly open to finding out more.

You might want to listen to a very interesting programme, recently broadcast on Four Thought and still available on BBC Sounds.   “I’m Not Having Children to Save the Planet”.

It sounds drastic, but in this programme, journalist, Sarah Williams, is not telling us all that we should not have children.  In fact, she makes a good case for just having one less child.  She also talks about parenting in kinder, less selfish ways by mentoring, fostering or adopting a child.  What we really like is that she admits she doesn’t have the answers, but she is not afraid to ask the questions – she certainly got us thinking.


By the way, it’s only 18 minutes long! 

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