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Who are we?

Transition Dundee is a community-led social enterprise on a mission to help make Dundee a more sustainable, healthy and happy place to live, enabling future generations and the environment to flourish. Our people and our planet need action, now.


We do this through various climate-focussed projects, building knowledge, awareness & community. Most importantly, the climate discussion and what we do about it, should include EVERYONE.

Our Values






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Why do all of this?

Yes, GOVERNMENT must do more. LARGE CORPORATIONS AND INDUSTRY must do more. But WE must also do more.

Only by engaging with more people and demanding change collectively, will things change quickly enough, and at the scale that is necessary to prevent more irreversible damage. We believe that local climate action that is accessible to everyone can help build community, enable us to become more resilient and adapt to the changes that are likely to be needed. There is much to be done and we can only do it together!

Transition Dundee is new but not new...

It began at a local church in 2013, by their desire to reduce their own carbon footprint by implementing energy-efficient measures throughout the buildings, primarily funded by the Scottish Government’s “Climate Challenge Fund’ (CCF). During that time our team grew and we started various community-based projects, which evolved into some of today's projects. It was clear there was a desire from many locals to do more on climate issues, and with so many people in the city struggling it made sense to tie in community benefits with what we were doing.

In 2021 with the CCF coming to an end, the team didn’t want to see all of its projects come to a halt so took on the challenge of turning it into an organisation in its own right - and Transition Dundee CIC was born! 


We are now over two years in as the new organisation and going from strength to strength. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved - we would love to hear from you!

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