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Volunteers are vital to Transition Dundee. From sharing skills in our workshops to collecting food donations for our Community Fridge, our volunteers help us to support lots of local people and build a more sustainable, low-impact community.


We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities for all ages, so no matter how much time you have to give or what your skills are we would love to hear from you.  If you're interested in volunteering, read the descriptions below and fill out the enquiry form - we will get back to you as soon as possible!

“The fridge helped me a lot to begin with as a customer during a time of severe mental health problems and being out of work. It gave me a purpose to my day, I enjoyed the walk and the chats with the volunteers who I began to get to know. It also helped financially and I got back to enjoying food and cooking again after being quite unwell. This led to me becoming a volunteer for the fridge and subsequently at the wardrobe... also to meeting many visitors who I see out and about in the local community now which is nice. Volunteering gives me a purpose and a great deal of satisfaction - it also allows me to have social contact, something which I do find really difficult but having a clear role helps with this.”
Community Fridge volunteer

Sharon,  Wardrobe Volunteer

Volunteer Vacancies 

Community Fridge: Fridge server, every second Tuesday 10:45-2, every Thursday 10:45-2 and every second Saturday 10:45-2,

The Wardrobe: Wednesday 2-5, Thursday 11-2 or 2-5

These are specific times that we need regular volunteers for at the moment but don't hesitate to get in touch below if you'd like to volunteer on other days, volunteer occasionally or to find out more about volunteering.

Community Fridge

Based at the West End Community Fridge, Millers Wynd Dundee DD1 4HY.

Fridge server shifts:

Tuesday - Saturday 10.45am-2pm

Duties include: serving visitors, stock rotation, keeping the fridge clean and tidy.

Food collection shifts:

Carried out anytime between 8-10am and take approx 1-2 hours*

Duties include: driving our electric van, collecting surplus food from local supermarkets then weighing and storing the food in the fridge. Must be 25yrs and over and have a clean driving record.


Travel to local farms, have fun outdoors and meet like-minded people! 

Duties include: travelling to the farm (expenses can be paid and car sharing available), helping to harvest a variety of produce, helping deliver to local food projects

Shifts are anywhere between

8-11am Tuesday - Saturday and take approx 1-2 hours

The Wardrobe

Based at 112 Nethergate Dundee DD1 4EH


Duties include: serving customers, keeping the rails stocked and sorting clothing donations, encouraging the public to change their thinking on sustainable shopping habits.


Shifts are anytime between

11am-5pm Wednesday - Saturday



Our workshops vary from sewing, to reducing food waste, to cutting your home energy usage. If you have a skill you'd like to share, or would like to give a hand at workshops this is the one for you!

We try to run workshops in the evenings and weekends so more people can attend but are generally set to when the volunteers/teacher is available

Volunteer Enquiry Form

Thanks for completing the form.

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