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Calling for a Revolution

April brings us so much joy.  We’re thinking daffodils, green shoots poking out of the ground, lighter evenings and ever so slightly better weather.


It also brings Fashion Revolution Week, the annual global campaign that wants us to really think about what we are wearing and how it was made.



We wrote about this last year, but it’s worth repeating every year.    If it's new to you, you can catch up on the background to the Fashion Revolution movement here


Actually it’s a bit special this year – ten days of activism instead of the normal seven since this is the 10th anniversary.  It all kicks off on Monday, 15th April.


So, are you ready to join the Revolution?

Maybe you feel it’s not for you?  Well, actually it is!  Anyone can join this revolution.  Everyone can do something, no matter how small. 


Transforming the fashion industry is a big job so we need everyone to play their part if we are ever to achieve the goal of a fair, safe, clean, transparent and accountable fashion industry. 

When we take individual action together, we harness the power of the collective and our voice becomes ever louder.

We’re putting our money where our mouth is this year and instead of simply highlighting the issue and encouraging you to get involved, we are holding two events and we’d love to see some of you there. 



Mend in Public Day

Fashion Revolution is encouraging us all to get out on to our streets and Mend in Public. 

Get into your local community and stitch in protest against disposable fashion.

The designated day is Saturday 20th April, but to be honest we have too much going on this month and want to avoid working another Saturday, so we are going to Mend in Public on Friday 19th April.  Join us outside the Wardrobe between 2.30 and 4.30 as we sew on buttons, repair rips or patch over holes.  Bring something of your own to mend, or pick something from our pile.


Of course, while the message to passers-by is that we encourage everyone to mend their clothes rather than buy something new, this is really an opportunity to talk!  Let’s make a stand against the horrific textile waste caused by our addiction to fast fashion, but let’s also enjoy each other’s company (and hopefully some sunshine).


If you can’t make it, perhaps you could think of doing something similar in your own community?


 Fashion Show

Our second event is one of those happy coincidences.

A group of 4th year Marketing and Business students is organising a fashion show to celebrate our 2nd birthday and, by luck, it falls within the ten Fashion Revolution Action Days.  On Tuesday, 23rd April many of our lovely volunteers will be strutting their stuff, showing off their fabulous finds from the Wardrobe.


If you’d like to join us, you can book a ticket here

Or you can pay at the door.

It could be a great way to introduce a friend who is currently reluctant to wear second-hand to join the Fashion Revolution.


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