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Who are we?

Transition Dundee is a community-led social enterprise which aims to make Dundee a healthier, happier and more sustainable place to live through various climate change themed projects.

Many people are aware of the threats that the Climate Emergency poses - but we are here to show there is HOPE, there are lots of things we can do to tackle it TOGETHER and to ensure EVERYONE has the chance to help shape the future Dundee.


Dundee West End Community Fridge

Community Fridge

Dundee West End Community Fridge helps to reduce food waste by making short-dated, surplus food, from supermarkets and local food businesses available to the community.


Available to absolutely anyone who can use it as the main aim is to reduce food surplus. We operate on a Pay As You Feel system - if you don't have money today, no problem!

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Workshop & Events

Our workshops help people to develop new skills and improve their understanding of climate change issues, as well as providing much needed social spaces post-pandemic.

Check out our Events page to see
what’s coming up.

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The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe is a second-hand clothing shop with a difference! 

It aims to encourage more people to REUSE, REPAIR & SHARE. ‘Fast Fashion’ is one of the biggest problems driving the climate & ecological crisis. Shopping second hand is great for the planet and our bank balance - our prices are low and we even have a large free section to stop even more going to waste.


Gleaning Project

Our newest project - Gleaning is the harvesting of farm produce that would otherwise be wasted. With a team of volunteers we go to local farms and 'Glean' what is left after the farmer is finished with it - saving the food from going to waste and feeding lots of people. 



tonnes of clothing and household items have been reused meaning fewer new clothes have been bought



volunteers gave us an incredible 4828 hours of their time to help us run the projects

more than


tonnes surplus food saved from going to waste & redistributed to over 29,000 visitors

cars taken off the road for one whole year or 5881 tree seedlings grown for 10 years

(Greenhouse gas emissions equivalent)


Our impact in the last 12 months...


Lottery Community Fund
Dundee Climate Fund
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Citrus Fruits

If you would like to know more about climate change and what you can do but haven’t a clue where to start, we have a dedicated blog where we share recent news and tips on gardening, cooking, upcycling, re-purposing, saving money and crafts. If you’re keen to be more green, check it out,
or better yet come and visit us at one of our projects.

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