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Newsletter - January 2024

Happy New Year everyone!

Are you the kind of person who loves to make New Year resolutions?  Are you the kind of person who actually sticks to their New Year resolutions!

January is certainly a good month to take stock and maybe think a bit about the year ahead and any changes you might like to make, but there's also an element of looking back over the year just gone.  Did things go well for you?  Any major achievements, or setbacks?

Given that we are primarily concerned with climate change, are you happy with your lifestyle?

The very fact that you are reading this now lets us know that you are still interested in doing what you can to save the planet, so that's encouraging.  Maybe there's something else you would like to do, or not do?

At the Wardrobe we talk a lot about making your clothes last longer, simply by caring for them and treating them well.  It's a fairly simple message that we can all understand.  We're delighted that in 2024 we are teaming up with Faith in the Community to go out to other groups to help people with the skills they need to mend their clothes and we will, of course, continue to run workshops here that enable us all to make the best use of what we already have.  We love a bit of upcycling.

When you reach our What's On section this month, you will notice that we have several foodie workshops this month, giving you new ideas and information on how to eat in a way that optimises our health, as well as that of the planet.  Veganuary, anyone?

We're also going to pay a bit more attention to preserving the life of other things this year, starting with our electrical appliances.  Appliances have a critical role to play in future sustainability, helping to achieve the net zero home.

We can make a huge difference by choosing, using and maintaining our appliances carefully.  Hands up all those who stick to the same programme week after week and do not take time to find out how to minimise the amount of energy being used. When you need to buy something new, do you know which energy efficient features you should be looking for?

Manufacturers are playing their part (about time too), looking at sustainability in the production, as well as the performance, of their items and, increasingly, planning ahead so that at the end of its life each appliance is disposed of carefully with parts recovered and recycled.

Maybe we should play our part by being a bit better informed?

What's Happening Elsewhere in Dundee

Where to start with Scrap Antics?

We have been partnering with this wonderful creative, recycling organisation for years now, passing on any unusual items donated to us, knowing that someone, at some time, will head into their Scrap Store and pounce on it.

If you are ever looking for resources for your next project, large or small, please head to the Scrap Store at Meadow Mill,W. Henderson's Wynd in Dundee.  If it's your first visit, prepare to be totally wowed!  And allow plenty of time to browse :)

But it's not just the Scrap Store.  Scrap Antics was founded on the principles of art connecting the community, with recycling at the heart of its art and education programmes.  It has gone on to run hugely successful play sessions using Loose Parts - giving children random things and let them use their imagination.  It has had over 3,100 participants this year, so they're obviously getting it right.  A diverse team of artists, creatives, teachers, community workers, play workers and youth workers - supported by magnificent volunteers - ensures that all members of the community are heard and that people are always put before profit.

Whilst it provides activities for everyone, there is a real emphasis on working with local people who face particular challenges.  The sessions for refugees have done such a lot to make these newcomers feel welcome and valued.

Scrap Antics has now diverted over 100 tonnes of waste from landfill and incinerator back into the community as resources for play and creative projects.

Read more on their website,

What's On

Veganuary Workshop I : Introduction to Vegan Nutrition

Wednesday 10th January, 7 - 8.30 pm

If you're looking to transition to a vegan / plant-based diet this talk is for you!

We'll talk about the sources and requirements of macronutrients, including the popular concern of 'how do vegans get enough protein?' 

Finally we'll get hands on with making some nutritionally powerful snacks too.

Book your place here

Learn to Knit Part 2

Thursday 11th January. 6 - 8 pm


A knitting workshop for those who can already knit the basic stitch, but are ready to learn to purl, increase and decrease.

Book your place here

Kombucha and Ginger Bug Workshop

Saturday 13th January. 12 - 1.30 pm

Fermented drinks are so incredibly great for gut health and so much cheaper to make yourself.

During this workshop we will go through the basics of how fermentation works. We will walk you through making kombucha and a ginger bug and give you a kombucha starter kit to take home so you have a go at making it yourself!

Book your place here

Veganuary Workshop II : Chickpeas

Wednesday 17th January, 7 - 8.30 pm

In this workshop we'll focus on using chickpeas, a legume packed with protein, fibre and important micronutrients. Introducing this as a staple will undoubtedly boost your health and make transitioning to a vegan diet much easier too.

Make sure to bring tupperware to take away some of what we make!

Book your place here

Veganuary Workshop III : How-to Tofu

Wednesday 24th January, 7 - 8.30 pm

In this workshop we'll talk about a wonderfully versatile food. Tofu, with its high protein content, can be a vegan's best friend. Often best thought of as a "blank slate" onto which we can add an endless combination of flavours.

Hands on making and tasting included.

Book your place here

Beginner's Guide to Sewing Patterns

Saturdays 27th January and 3rd February, 2 - 4.30 pm

Let's unravel the mystery of sewing patterns, then you can put your new knowledge to good use making yourself a pair of trousers (or shorts)

Book your place here

TransitionKnit : every Wednesday morning. 9.30 - 10.30 am

We'll be picking up our needles again on Wednesay 10th January

Our informal knitting group is open to everyone, whether you are a complete beginner or have been knitting for more years than you care to remember.

Threads on Thursday : every Thursday 12 – 2 pm

Re-starting on Thursday 11th January

Our drop-in sewing group, also open to everyone.  Come along if you would like to learn to sew, if you need any help or if you would just like to sew in the company of like-minded people. No booking necessary. 

   * All our events are held at The Wardrobe, 112 Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4EH unless stated otherwise


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