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Reasons to be Cheerful

According to the advertising industry, this is the time of year that we start to think of our summer holidays.  We are accustomed to being bombarded with all sorts of deals and enticing offers in January and, got to say, those warm, sunny places do look very inviting!


However, alongside all the usual sun, sea and sand holidays, we are seeing a small but significant number of alternative offerings that we like the look of – holidays that don’t involve air travel (but still involve sun, sea and sand if that’s your thing). 



Today’s good news is that a growing number of sleeper trains are being introduced to the timetables.  The Paris to Berlin train, for example, hadn’t run for over a decade, but was re-introduced last month and is now running three times a week, with a daily service planned for this autumn.  We think that sounds just lovely.  Going to bed in Paris and waking up in Berlin!


What’s more, you would sleep easy knowing that according to independent research commissioned by Eurostar taking the train instead of flying can cut your CO2 emission by a staggering 90%.


The environmental benefit of train instead of plane could actually be significantly greater.  Jet planes emit other substances, not included in the Eurostar comparison, into the upper atmosphere which cause further damage.



Of course, while train travel has the romance that flying does not, it can never compete on price with the cheap flights available, and that in itself means it is not going to be a viable option for many, but, as always, as consumers we have the power.  If we create the demand, the price will fall.  Then you just have to persuade your boss you need an extra few days’ holiday to cover the journey.



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